Join a co-op

How it works

In order to make our deliveries affordable for all, we have established a number of Community Bread Cooperatives. These have been working really well and we will continue to launch these over the coming months to meet demand. This is an announcement we are especially proud to make as it sits at the very heart of the ethos of Wild Hearth Bakery.

Under our co-op model, members order and pay via our website. We drop to a location organised by the co-op leader. This can be a private address, a cafe, a community hall, or a local not-for-profit shop, allowing us to keep delivery free.*

* Standard free delivery to your home is also available with a minimum order value of £15.

Co-op member benefits

  • Minimum order amount reduced to £8
  • 10% discount on Ooni Pizza Ovens
  • Priority ordering of limited capacity products
  • Discounts on events and classes at the bakery and in your local community.

How do I join?

You can register to join a co-op by simply selecting one from the list in your account area. If you’ve shopped with us on this new site and have an account click here to log in to your account or click here if you would like to register.

If you would like to talk to us about setting up a co-op in your local area, call us on 03330 151304

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