Wild Hearth Artisan Sourdough Bakery

Photo: Angus Blackman

Wild Hearth Bakery

Wild Hearth is unique – my lifelong passion.

We are a wood-fired artisan bakery on the edge of the Scottish Highlands dedicated to the world of natural sourdough.

Our reconditioned World War Two Nissen hut houses a state-of-the-art oven, fired exclusively with waste wood from timber milling.

Our breads and pastries are slowly and carefully created by hand from organic flours and wild “starters” for the optimum depth of flavour, balance and lightness. In fact, apart from baguette and ciabatta where we use a tiny amount of baker’s yeast in addition to sourdough, everything we make is sourdough, even our croissant.

Some of our breads have a gentle acidity, while others have no detectable sourness. All have a complexity of flavour that comes with a natural ferment, carefully managed to preserve the essential flavour of the grains we work with.

We don’t take shortcuts. Our wood-fired oven takes 12 hours to fire from cold. Our starters ripen for around 16 hours before we mix our doughs. Our doughs rise on average for seven hours in our warm bakery before being baked, and our pastries much longer.

Everything we do is for the pleasure of real baking – natural, nourishing and delicious.

John Castley, Baker & Founder

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