Vegan Pain aux Raisins

Vegan Pain aux Raisins

Our vegan version of the classic ‘escargot’ with plump raisins, an oat milk pastry cream, and a sourdough depth of flavour you won’t get from its yeasted cousin.


Organic white wheat flour, water, dried fruit (raisins, currants, sultanas), sugar, Naturli vegan block, salt, Oat milk, cornflour, currants, raisins, sultanas, cinnamon
Naturli Vegan Block ingredients: Organic Shea oil (43%), water, organic coconut oil (21%), organic rapeseed oil (11%), salt, organic ALMOND BUTTER* (1%), emulsifier * (lecithin), organic carrot juice, organic lemon juice, soy*, natural flavour. May contain traces of: Hazelnut, cashew nut and pistachio nut.


Wheat, almonds, soy, emulsifier (lecithin), nuts


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